African Art Vintage Bamana “Ntomo” Tribal Face Mask

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Impressive African Carved Bamana mask

This antique Bamana “Ntomo” face mask embodies the traditional artistry of the Bamana people from Mali. Carved from wood, it features intricate geometric patterns and stylized facial features, typical of Ntomo masks used in initiation ceremonies. The artist that created this powerful mask intended to evoke fear and submission in the viewer – as was the ritual purpose of surukuw, or hyena masks, which were worn in kore, a Bamana male initiation ceremony. The mask’s serene expression and symmetrical design reflect the cultural significance of the Bamana culture. Its aged patina and subtle wear add a sense of history, making it not only a striking art piece but also a tangible link to West African cultural traditions.

This vintage Bamana “Ntomo” mask is a stunning piece of African art that will add a touch of elegance to any collection. Crafted with impressive attention to detail, this antique mask is a must-have for any lover of African culture. The mask represents the Bamana people and is a symbol of their strength and power.

Measurements are 16 inches by 8 inches

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