African Kuba Raffia Cloth Fabric, Natural Woven Handmade

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This is an Old beautifully woven and hand loomed Raffia Panel of Kuba Cloth that comes from the Kuba Tribal people of the Demographic Republic of the Congo. This hand loomed skirt panel is embellished with abstract applique. The designs have meaning to the weaver or the commissioner of the piece. Historically, these long pieces were wound around the waist and worn as skirts. Kuba cloth is woven from raffia palm leaves.

This African Kuba Raffia Cloth Fabric is a beautiful and unique addition to any collection. The natural woven texture is perfect for any handmade project, and the vibrant colors are sure to add a pop of color to any room. The fabric is perfect for anyone interested in African culture, and the intricate patterns are sure to impress. Whether you’re looking to use it for a crafting project or simply want to add it to your collection, this African Kuba Raffia Cloth Fabric is a must-have.

Measurements are 125 inches by 23 inches


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