African Nkondi Witchcraft Figure, From The D.R.C Congo People

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African Nkondi Witchcraft Figure From D.R.C Congo

Fascinating African Nkondi witchcraft figure with a unique mouth design from figure from Congo. Most art created by the people in Congo are spiritually driven often using sacred medicines. Common to many tribes was the belief that the Nkondi acquired power through the ritualistic carving and consecration, the addition of special substances and the recurring activation of its spirit by offering sacrifices and magic words. Among the materials added to the wood figures are horns, shells, feathers, metal, paint, cloth and herbs anything thought to add power or magic.

This Nkondi Witchcraft Figure from D.R.C. Congo is a fascinating collectible for those interested in African culture and history. The figure is crafted with intricate details and is believed to represent a powerful witchcraft symbol.

Measurements are 14 inches by 7 inches

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