African Wood Carved Headrest From The Shona People In Zimbabwe

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Antique Shona Headrest African Art Zimbabwe

For the Shona community in Zimbabwe, headrests have a deep rooted cultural significance, though today, these exquisite artifacts have become rare collectors pieces, with few people having the privilege of owning or even encountering one. Symbolizing prestige closely associated with political and religious leadership, and meticulously hand-carved from indigenous wood featuring distinctive patterns, it is believed these headrests possess spiritual powers, capable of invoking vivid dreams, also African provenience, used to support elaborate hair styles during travel. Over time, the wood has acquired a captivating patina, adorned with the marks of usage and natural imperfections. This unique combination of wear and natural aging enhances the headrest’s allure, making it a truly remarkable decorative sculpture that can be showcased elegantly in any part of your home.

This beautiful headrest is a true representation of African Zimbabwean culture. Handcrafted by the Shona people in Zimbabwe, it features intricate wood carvings that tell a story of African Zimbabwean heritage. The headrest is a perfect addition to any collection of African art and is sure to be a conversation starter and adding a touch of elegance to any room

Measurements are 11 inches by 8 inches

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