Nkondi Witchcraft Figure, From D.R.C Congo African Art

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Nkondi, Nkisi Witchcraft Figure From D.R.C Congo

Fascinating small-sized power figure. Bakongo (also known Congo, Mkongo or Mukongo) Most art created by the people in Congo is spiritually driven often using sacred medicines, referred to as “Nkisi Nkondi”, for divine protection. Bakongo legends tells a story about the great god, Ne Kongo, who came down from heaven in a vessel and brought the first Nkisi Nkondi. Nkisi (plural minkishi) are represented as a container filled with sacred material that is triggered by supernatural forces which can be summoned into physical world. Nkisi Nkondi can be as simple as a figure containing herbs or as complex as wooden figures imbued with sacred elements.

This Nkondi Witchcraft Figure from D.R.C. Congo is a fascinating collectible for those interested in African culture and history. The figure is crafted with intricate details and is believed to represent a powerful witchcraft symbol.

Measurements are 10.5 inches by 6.5 inches

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