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We Work Hard To Provide You The Best Quality African arts and crafts

Welcome to INLAND ART GALLERY, an exotic and unique collection of African arts and craft products, offered to you at the most competitive prices. We conveniently bring to you exotic, incomparable artifacts, and hand-carved items from all over Africa. We source the finest African art and crafts from all of Africa and have been exporting beautiful handcrafted tribal African arts and crafts to every part of the world since 2007. We are not limited to just arts and crafts but we also source African animal skin rugs and horns that are hand selected to make sure that only the finest African animal skins arrive at your door.

The products that we export are unique and handcrafted one of a kind African crafts and include but are not limited to the following:

Abstract Art, African Figure, African Heads, Animal Skins, Bead Work, Belts, Cushions, Drums, Furniture, Gemstones, Hats, Horns, Jewelry, Kuba Cloth, Leather, Masks, Ostrich Eggs, Paintings, Shields, 

Please remember to come back soon to do your shopping as our site continuously change the products available with amazing monthly specials.

We only sell top quality African arts and crafts that have been  handcrafted from some of the most talented African Artist that can be found. We welcome any suggestions or questions that you do have about our crafts or our website.

In recent times we have seen China producing “African art” and selling as such. Our website does not sell any item produced outside of Africa. So feel assured that you are buying genuine handcrafted African crafts made by local African Artists.