Dear Customer, welcome to Inland Art Gallery.

Inland Art Gallery is a business in the African arts, crafts, game skins and horns industry that

export from Tanzania worldwide. In our Internet shop you will always find products of superior

quality as well as services for the prompt delivery of our products to you. A lot of our products

are hand-crafted so every piece that you order is unique and it may differ slightly from the


We offer our customers two payment solutions:

1. Off-line Payment to our bank account in Tanzania. For security reasons we don’t ship before

the remittance reached our bank account. Should you opt to pay via our bank please E-mail us

and we will send you the relevant Banking information so we can process your order.

2. Pay by Credit Card and some debit cards on our website

We accept the following card payments

• Visa

• Master-card

• Discover

• American Express

• PIN debit cards with the Visa or Master card logo

• Debit cards with the Visa or Master card logo

NB: We do not accept checks/cheques or money orders due to fraud issues and payment can

only be made with the options above.

There are a few very important statements about your orders that we would like to make:

1. Any information about you as a customer of Inland Art Gallery will be used ONLY for the

purpose of the order, e.g. shipping, handling, delivery etc. None of the data issued will be

used for any other purpose by Inland Art Gallery or any other third party with the prior

permission of Inland Art Gallery.

2. All data regarding your credit card ARE NOT known by Inland Art Gallery. Your credit card

information is not held or stored by us and is kept by the auditing bank only for the processing

of your order.

3. Inland Art Gallery takes responsibility for all aspects relating to the transaction including

the sale of goods and services sold on this website, customer service, and support, dispute

the resolution, and delivery of goods.


Shipping of items over to your destination usually takes about 2 weeks but in some rare cases

this may take up to 4 weeks. Animal products can take a little bit longer as permits need to be

gathered before sending the parcel out and getting the permits may take a little while. We are

confident that most products will be with their respective destinations within 14 days of the

order being processed.

For some items, we do ship by sea freight due to the size and weight and this does take a lot

longer. Depending on your country can take between 60-90 days.

We usually ship our items via EMS, DHL, Aramex couriers, or post office airfreight but will

accommodate clients should they want another delivery option. Our first option is to send it with

EMS and will send with them whenever we can, however, they do not allow certain items to be

sent with them such as spears as they deem that to be a weapon and prohibited on their

flights. Items such as that will be sent by post.


Each country has its own duties, Tax, and VAT charges when importing into their country, and

the amount that is duty-free varies from country to country. This fee will be calculated by

customs and then that charge will be payable before the items are released. In most cases for

items on our website, the import duties will fall under the allowed threshold so will not incur

any extra costs, however, we do advise clients to check out the costing with their local

customs should they be buying items of a high value.

Wherever we can we will try and get the items into your country duty and VAT free.

Return Policy/Damaged Item:

Once an order has been received by a customer, should the parcel that you ordered be

damaged, you may request for a replacement of that order to be resent to you. However for

this to occur we need to have the original parcel sent back to us or a photo of the proof of the

damage so that we can claim the insurance on a damaged parcel. All parcels are insured and

once the broken parcel or photo is received by us we will then get in contact with our insurance people to pay out for that item.

We do need all damaged claims to be reported to us within 5 days of receiving the damaged

parcel. If we do not receive information about the damage within that time we will not be

able to refund you. Only once insurance has paid out for the damaged item can we then resent

you a new item. All efforts will be made to get the parcel out to you without any damage and

if in the case of a replacement we will try our best to deal with the problem as fast as we can.

If you have placed an order on our secure server and we have not shipped the parcel yet, you

can cancel the order and we will reimburse your credit card. However, we will charge 9.5 % of

the total amount as a processing fee. This will be reflected when we reimburse your credit


Refund Policy/Unwanted Item:

Should you receive an item and decide that you are not wanting to keep the item ordered you

may return the parcel back to us for a refund. You may return your original order for a refund

within 7 days of receiving your parcel (You need to ship the parcel back to us within 1 week of

receiving your parcel). Refund will be of the item purchase price, excluding shipping, and the

cost of shipping the item back to us is at your own expense.

Please get hold of us when wanting to do a return before you send it back so that we can give

you the return delivery address, this will depend on if you are sending it back by post or by

couriers we use different addresses.

NB: When returning please add the following information to the outside of the parcel

“Returned goods no commercial value” This is needed for custom purposes

Contact us:

Should there be any queries about any of the above please feel free to e-mail us with your

inquiry at

Company information:

This website is run by Hussein Omari based in Tanzania trading as Inland Art Gallery who can

be contacted at the following:

Hussein Omari (office hours) +255 769 281 281 / +1 832 426 3947.