4ft African Ebony Makonde Ujamaa Family Tree Of Life Sculpture

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4ft Tall Tanzania Art, African Makonde Ujamaa Family Tree of Life Sculpture, Ebony Wood

The Makonde tribe is an ethnic group situated in the southeast of Tanzania. Known for their excellent craftsmanship, this motif speaks to a common human ancestral heritage–all that we have achieved collectively in our various civilizations has been literally built upon the backs of those who came before. The tree of life locally known as “Ujamaa”, is a depiction of unity and the strength of many.

The sculpture falls under the categories of Collectibles and Cultures & Ethnicities, specifically African and 1900-Now. It features a family tree design crafted from high-quality ebony wood that is symbolic of the African culture. The figures and sculptures are perfect for those who appreciate the beauty and complexity of African art.

Measurement are 48 inches by 10.2 inches



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