African Archers Arm Guard Tutsi Handmade Wood.


African Archers Arm Guard Tutsi Handmade Wood.

This is an old Wooden Archers Arm Guard/ Band from the Tutsi Tribe of Rwanda East Africa. This simple abstract object reflects the astonishing ability of African sculptors to make an extraordinary form fit a simple function.

Among the Tutsi of Rwanda, chiefs and warriors wore this bracelet like device on their left wrist to protect their wrists and arms from the bowstring after it was released. This wooden armlet also known as wrist guard (igitembe) were used by the Tutsi of Rwanda as archer’s arm guards. It was serviceable to prevent injury, but perhaps more important it identified the warriors and Tutsi elite in a most obvious manner.

Copper squares decorate these armlets and those shown worn by chiefs during the nineteenth century were embellished with complex designs of copper inlay. They are rarely seen in collections today, so this is a wonderful opportunity to add this Tutsi Archers Arm Guard to your collection. Shows some copper on the front. Collected in the field and shows age and use.

Measurements are 8 inches in diameter.



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