African Art Nyamwezi Fertility Doll


African Art Nyamwezi Fertility Doll

The body belted with cords, textile, decorated with beads and inlaid with cowries, this statuette of fertility or simply doll comes from the interior region of Tanzania.
In the southern coastal region of Tanzania, around Dar-es-Salam, a relatively homogeneous group produced most of the artistic output. It includes the Swahili, Kaguru, Doé, Kwéré, Luguru, Zaramo, Kami. The second region is formed by a territory covering the south of Tanzania to Mozambique, where some Makonde and Yao, Ngindo, Mwéra, and Makua live. In northeastern Tanzania, the Chaga, Paré, Chamba, Zigua, Maasai, Iraqw, Gogo, and Héhé have an artistic production with similarities to Malagasy and Batak art, which could be explained by trade by sea.

Measurements are 18 inches tall.



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