African Hand Carved Folding Chair

Original price was: $480.00.Current price is: $280.00.

A beautifully handcrafted African wooden chair with African animals and traditional patterns carved into the wood on the backrest of the chair. This chair is carved out of Mahogany wood. These chairs traditionally were not carved with intricate designs but more with plain flat backrests. Modern carvers add designs of African scenery and various animals and people carved into the wood.

This chair was made in Malawi

This rather unique piece of African furniture is comfortable to sit on and is a truly African way to bring Africa to your home.

Each African hand carved chair is an original work of art, individually hand carved, no two are exactly alike which adds to the value of each piece. The original nature of tribal art will be reflected by variances from the wooden chair as shown, each piece of a specific style is similar, but not identical.

  • This African hand carved wooden tribal chair is heavy and delivery is charged on a weight systen from Tanzania



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