African Handmade Double Headed Cowhide Drum/ Ngoma


African Handmade Double Headed Cowhide Drum/ Ngoma From Tanzania

The word ngoma, in Swahili, means music, dance, and drum. We will use it here as the name of the drum.  This ngoma comes from Tanzania, and is made of a hallow wood log, which is covered with cow skin on both ends that are connected by leather straps to create tension on the drumheads. 

Ngoma (also called engoma or ng’oma or ingoma) is a generic name for drums used by certain Bantu populations of central, eastern-central, and southern Africa.   Ngoma is derived from the Kongo word for “drum.” Different Bantu-inhabited regions have their own traditions of drums, with different names for their instruments, and some use “ngoma” by extension to signify specific dances, social occasions, and rhythms.  In Swahili, the word Ngoma is used to describe the drums themselves as well as music and dance together as a joint cultural practice. The ngoma is used for communication and celebration and is also a symbol of authority.  They are also used for storytelling.

Measurements are, 15.3  inches in height and 11.5 inches in diameter.



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