African Makonde Medicine Calabash From Tanzania

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African Makonde Medicine Calabash From Tanzania

This African wooden Makonde Calabash from Tanzania sealed by a wooden stopper carved with a human figure, the style of the head of the present medicine calabash implies that the object originates from the Makonde or the Wamakonde, or possibly from the Nyamwezi or the Pare. It is a long round shape inset with two white glass beads for eyes, along with large, round, recessed ears. The round stopper attached to the head in a single piece is long, reaching to the base of the calabash. A charming, small, wholly original piece wrapped in black carrying strap made of braided plant fibers with beads and a red thread on the top.

As part of their healing repertoire, the Makonde use Calabash or traditional containers filled with medicinal substances. These functional objects become even more potent as healing devices when they are combined with beads and carved heads that may represent ancestor spirits.

Measurements are 10.5 inches by 5 inches


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