DRC Congo African Nkondi Witchcraft Figure, Impressive Sculpture

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African Nkonde Witchcraft Figure

The Angola and the Congo are the  Bakongo people. Their religion is based on respect for the dead, who are thought to be able to help determine people’s future destinies.
The fetish shows a wood carving of a man like effigy, covered in clumps of soil and pierces of numerous materials such as shells, born, fiber, pieces of clothes. Some of the piece also are filled with unknown materials. Nkondi are invoked to search out wrongdoing, enforce oaths, and cause or cure sicknesses. Perhaps the most common use was the locating and punishing of criminals, by hunting down wrongdoers and to avenging their crimes. An oath taker may declare him or herself vulnerable to the disease caused by an nkondi should he or she violate the oath. People who fall sick with diseases known to be associated with a particular nkondi may need to consult the nganga responsible for mediating with that spirit to determine how to be cured.

The Nkondi Witchcraft Figure is a symbol of the African D.R.C Congo culture and represents the power,belief and strength of the African people. This figure is a perfect addition to any collection and is a great conversation starter. Bring home a piece of African history and add a touch of African culture to your home with this beautiful and unique figure.

Measurements are 10 inches by 6 inches


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