African Art Swazi Headrest From South Africa


African Art Swazi Headrest From South Africa.

Swazi headrests are very similar in style to their neighbors the Zulu. Swazi headrests are usually 2 legs on either end that are commonly darker

than the cross bar they support. The crossbar usually contains a lug pendant found in the center of the underside of this crossbar. The legs

appear to be almost invariably fluted with vertical grooves, and in some examples, tails and leg-like forms are added at the short end of the

headrest. There is no specific research known to have been done on Swazi headrest symbolism and usage, it is usually assumed that they must

have followed a pattern similar to their southern neighbors, the Zulu, with whom they share many cultural patterns. Often times they are buried with their owners which is a practice done among many cultures in Southern Africa.

Measurements are 16.3 inches by 6.4 inches.



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