African Carving Makonde Shetani Sculpture, Fine Art

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African Art Makonde Shetani Sculpture

The sculpture is of the African Makonde people and is referred to as a Shetani Sculpture. The African Makonde people are originally from Southern Tanzania and Northern Mozambique and have a small presence in Kenya. Shetani style wood carvings (“devil” in Swahili) are expressions of Makonde mythology and spirits. This style uses the appearance of other worldly physical traits, such as large distorted facial or body features, and sometimes animals to signify the spirit realm. The essence of Shetani is thought to take five forms: human, mammal, fish, bird and reptile – this sculpture is the human with “mother’s breasts” and animal form. In some sculptures, there are also culturally significant symbols, such calabashes, used to carry water.

It is a perfect addition to any collection, and its unique beauty is sure to be a conversation starter. The sculpture is made from high-quality materials, ensuring its durability and longevity. Own a piece of African history with this amazing sculpture.

Measurements are 18 inches by 8.7 inches


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